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Clinical Psychologist

Bernadette is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist who trained at University College
Dublin, the University of Birmingham and The Tavistock Clinic, London. She has extensive
experience working with adults and children, both individually and in groups. As well as her
clinical expertise and experience, she has a strong interest in the spiritual and healing
practices of different cultures, and in how yoga, nutrition, breathwork, visualisation and
massage can support healthy minds and bodies.

Bernadette is practised in working with adults seeking help for anxiety, depression,
disordered eating, life-changing experiences and transitions, health conditions and
relationship difficulties. Her therapeutic work is designed to help people identify and change
the everyday thoughts and behaviours that sustain symptoms of distress such as
depression. Underpinning the cognitive and behavioural aspects of symptoms and problems
are deeper beliefs and relationship patterns, and these patterns and scripts manifest in our
personal and professional lives.

To help people change these deeper aspects, Bernadette is guided in her work by several
cognitive-behavioural models that emphasise achievable symptom change, fresh
perspectives, the disruption of unhelpful core beliefs and the provision of useful insights
and skills that provide support after therapy is over. She also uses compassion-focused
therapy and mindfulness to offer long-lasting skills in self-awareness, emotional regulation,
and self-care.

For those interested in longer-term work, Bernadette has a strong interest in inter-
generational patterns of attachment, the stories and scripts that feature on our journeys
and the traumatic consequences of inter-generational loss, family conflict and the core
wounds of rejection, abandonment and humiliation.

As well as her work with adults, Bernadette has extensive experience of working with
teenagers and children, having worked in primary and secondary schools to provide short-
term, solution-focused work with groups and longer-term exploratory therapy. She
maintains a strong interest in the welfare of looked-after children, and how best to help
them create and develop a positive story about themselves, in spite of their losses.

Bernadette worked for 15 years in the NHS, and has also worked for the charity sector and
as a management consultant, with an emphasis on public sector programme evaluation,
recruitment of senior managers, and providing training to executive board members.

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