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Binge Eating Disorder

What is binge eating disorder?

Binge eating disorder is when an individual regularly eats more food than most other people would in a similar time period and in similar circumstances and feeling that one’s eating is out of control during a binge.

Binge eating episodes include three of the following:

  • Eating extremely fast
  • Eating beyond feeling full
  • Eating a lot when not hungry
  • Eating in secret to hide the amount that is being eaten
  • Feeling terrible after a binge

In order to meet the diagnosis for the disorder, the person needs to binge eat at least once a week for three months.

Unlike other eating disorders such as bulimia, binge eating disorder doesn’t involve engaging in compensatory behaviours such as purging or use of laxatives or over-exercising.

Treatment for binge eating disorder

Effective psychological therapies for binge eating disorder are cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and modified dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). All the psychologists at The Chelsea Psychology Clinic are trained in CBT and DBT and can offer you the most appropriate intervention following an assessment of your difficulties.