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Why Is CBT Growing in Popularity?

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Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) has been receiving more and more attention in recent years. If you’ve heard about CBT and are wondering what all the buzz is about, here is a summary of why CBT is becoming increasingly popular.

A New Face for Psychology

For many years there has been a popular image of people going to see a psychologist for years in order to try and get to the root of all their problems. While there may still be some psychologists who have the same people visiting them and lying on their couch for years, those are certainly the exceptions.

If you ask a top psychologist in London, he or she will explain the popularity of CBT is due to its success. It offers quicker and more demonstrably positive results. Rather than passively lying on a couch, an individual receiving CBT actively works with the therapist to develop solutions. CBT has a proven record of success and it can be used to address a wide range of concerns including sleep problems, phobias, eating disorders, and depression.

What is CBT?

Cognitive-behavioural therapy helps people understand how their patterns of thinking influence their actions and feelings. It also considers how behaviours impact thoughts and feelings. Unlike some types of therapy, the emphasis is on moving forward and creating healthier patterns, rather than focusing on events from their past.

The therapist and individual receiving treatment work as a team to determine a plan for addressing problems and creating solutions. Many people love the fact that CBT allows them to gain control over more areas of their lives. This results-orientated approach fits well into busy lives while providing practical steps towards improvement.

Prioritising Health

Just like people go to see their medical doctor when they have an area of concern, more people are taking control of their mental health by seeking professional help when needed. In the past, many people felt that only people with particularly serious problems needed to see a psychologist. Now they are realising that there is no reason to struggle alone with depression, a phobia, or other issues. CBT can empower them to resolve these issues and lead a happier life.

New Awareness

In the past, problems like depression and sleep disturbances were either ignored or treated with medication. Over the years, the risks and limitations of medication have become better understood. While medication can be a great option for certain conditions or for a limited amount of time, people have become increasingly convinced by more holistic, long-term approaches. Now a growing number of people are embracing CBT as a way to improve their day-to-day lives, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, without an over-reliance on medication.

People are also becoming more aware that CBT can be very beneficial when used alongside medical treatment. Individuals dealing with chronic health issues or with the changing health of a loved one are now seeing the benefits that CBT can provide. Improving coping mechanisms and finding more positive ways to deal with stress and anxiety can provide tremendous practical help.

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