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Parenting and your child’s mental health

Understanding how best to help your child’s mental wellbeing

How to Know If It’s More Than Normal Teenage Angst – Part 2

Dealing with a teenager can be difficult at the best of times. The problem is knowing when your teenager is suffering from more than normal teenage moodiness. At our private psychiatrist London-based clinic we are...

How to Know If It’s More Than Normal Teenage Angst – Part 1

Perhaps it comes on suddenly or maybe you woke up one day and felt like you were in a body snatchers-type horror movie. Your child went from being sweet and happy to sulky and elusive....

Dealing with Christmas Holiday Depression

The festive season is expected to be fun, yet in one survey nearly half the men reported feeling depressed over the holiday season. Regardless of whether these feelings reach the level of clinical depression, even...

4 Top Excuses for Not Seeing a Psychologist

Mental health issues are very common, with one recent survey finding that one in four people have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Unfortunately, many people’s issues remain untreated, resulting in unnecessary suffering. Mental...

How to boost your self esteem

A healthy self-esteem is an invaluable asset in life. Likewise low self-esteem can be seen as a significant factor at the root of many of our problems.  Knowing that low self-esteem is a problem is...

The psychological benefits of ‘letting go’

Letting go offers us freedom. How we experience the moment isn’t pre-determined by the past but only by the present moment. Even if the past is full of pain, letting go allows us to only...

How to Start a Self-Care Routine You Can Stick To

To feel good we have to do things that give us the chance to feel good whether it is through pleasure or mastery.