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The clinic offers services to both individuals and organisations and works in collaboration with employees, human resources and occupational health providers to offer:

  • Comprehensive mental health assessments of employees
  • Treatment advice and ongoing treatment that is informed by the NICE guidelines
  • Detailed reports advising on occupational functioning
  • Advice to companies and organisations regarding employee well-being
  • Medico-legal reports to organisations
  • Organisational consultancy on psychological well-being

We believe that psychological well-being is incredibly important for the workplace, the functioning of individuals, teams and organisations. If you or your organisation have an enquiry about our services, please  contact us.

All our programmes are tailor made and try to match the specific needs of your organisation. Following the initial enquiry, we are likely to arrange a meeting with your team or organisation to perform a diagnostic event. This will provide us with a wealth of information that will allow us to subsequently develop a package for your organisation that meets your employees’ needs.

We might also be able to provide clinics on site for your organisation subject to our psychologists’ availability and at your request.