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The Chelsea Psychology Clinic offers innovative programmes designed to support you in your well-being. Building on our workshops on a range of topics, we are developing holistic wellness packages that are attending to both your mind and your body.

Our wellness packages include:

  • a comprehensive psychological assessment with one of our psychologists to help you develop your wellness goals and consider what obstacles you might need to overcome to complete your programme
  • working together with fitness providers in the Chelsea area to consider types of exercise, including personal training, yoga and pilates, that are suited to your needs
  • working together with nutritionists to ensure that you maintain a healthy diet
  • our ‘eating mindfully’ course
  • invitation to our workshops, as appropriate to your specific goals and needs
  • invitation to our retreats, these are scheduled to begin in the autumn
  • follow up session to consider how your programme has gone and strategies to sustain progress and motivation over time

If you are interested in finding out more about our wellness packages, please contact us.