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Sex & Relationships

Why Do My Relationships Always Fail? Inability to Maintain Relationships and What it Might Mean

Maybe in the past you brushed it off as a bad spell or put it down to the fact that you keep choosing the wrong partners. But as time goes on, and you keep falling...

Our top tips on how to choose the right partner

How to know if you’ve finally met Mr or Mrs Right If you’re not coupled up at the moment, the chances are, you might be hoping your path crosses that special someone – and that...

Could you benefit from a relationship health check?

Reignite your love life, with a relationship health check After all the excitement of Christmas winds down, problems in relationships tend to surface. This might be because couples find themselves in each other’s pockets, as...

How couples can keep wedding stress in check

Experiencing cold feet on the way to wedded bliss? Here are our top tips to tackle your big wedding day While officially celebrating love for a partner happens on a single day in a couple’s...

Get Talking – Mental Health Awareness week 2016

Talking therapy is for anyone having emotional problems or a tough time dealing with something in their life.

Sex Talk

We all have a basic need to feel connected and for some of us that is with a single partner, for others that is with more than one partner.