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Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT)

Brief dynamic interpersonal therapy (DIT) is a time limited, structured therapy which draws on psychodynamic ideas. It aims to help individuals make links between their mood and what is happening in their relationships. A course of DIT is usually delivered over 16 weekly sessions.

In DIT, symptoms of distress are understood in the context of a repeating pattern in relationships that can be linked back to childhood. Your therapist will help you to identify this pattern and understand how it might be impacting on your difficulties in the present.  They will also encourage you to reflect on what you think and feel, with the aim of helping you to find more helpful ways of being in, and coping with important relationships in your life.

DIT is commonly used for the treatment of anxiety and depression which are conceptualized from the perspective of relational difficulties. The core principle of this therapy is that when an individual is able to deal with a relationship problem more effectively their psychological symptoms improve.

What can I expect if I receive dynamic interpersonal therapy

  • Your therapist will encourage to reflect on what you think and feel
  • The new understandings developed in the therapy aim to facilitate your ability to deal with relationships more effectively
  • At the end of the initial sessions your therapist their understanding of your difficulties and you will agree on the areas you wish to focus on in the therapy
  • Sessions will involve discussing your agreed main area and working on making positive changes
  • When concluding therapy you and your therapist will discuss feelings about the therapy ending and the progress you have made through the treatment