Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we can now offer all our consultations and therapy sessions online

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Telephone / Skype Therapy

All psychological therapies that are available face to face at the clinic can be delivered by phone or Skype.

Telephone/Skype therapy might be more convenient for you if you are unable to travel to the clinic either due to emotional or physical health difficulties, work travel, living outside London or the UK.

Sometimes telephone/Skype therapy can be a first step towards having face to face therapy if the latter feels too anxiety provoking.

All of the psychologists at The Chelsea Psychology Clinic offer telephone and Skype sessions. Agreement about whether this intervention is appropriate to the nature of your difficulties will be made after the initial assessment over the phone or Skype.

What can I expect if I receive telephone/Skype therapy?

  • You would receive sessions with your therapist over the phone or Skype at a set frequency that will be agreed between you.
  • The type of therapeutic approach used will depend on the nature of your difficulties, what you want to get out of therapy and therefore which approach might be most indicated on the basis of an initial assessment and formulation of your difficulties.
  • You can have occasional face to face sessions with your therapist if this is desirable and practically possible for you.
  • If your therapist makes the clinical judgement that telephone or Skype therapy isn’t appropriate due to the nature of your presenting difficulties or any other complicating factors then they will communicate this to you as part of their assessment and make an alternative recommendation.