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Our team at The Chelsea Psychology Clinic are experienced psychologists and psychiatrists with long-standing academic and NHS careers, in addition to private work. We have grown from five psychologists and a consultant psychiatrist to over fifty associate psychologists with several offices across Central London. We are currently growing and developing the clinic space. As such, we are interested in enthusiastic candidates that wish to join our highly skilled professional practice,

We are currently looking both for self-employed associates and for employed psychologists to join our dynamic team. Salary and compensation vary depending on contractual agreement and years of experience. We offer monthly supervision, peer groups, team meetings and yearly events so you feel connected to a team and have various opportunities for professional development.

Please see links below for job descriptions for employed psychologists. For those interested in joining the clinic as a self-employed associate, pay for associates is on an hourly fee basis and depends on years of experience and expertise. Please contact the clinic for more information about remuneration for associates. The salaries below are for employed psychologists.

Specialist Clinical/Counselling Psychologist (£46,000 – £52,000) »
Highly Specialist Clinical/Counselling Psychologist (£52,659 – £58,550) »

We are also interested in hearing from experienced assistant psychologists and research assistants who are looking to diversify their skills in a private clinical setting. As we only interview assistant psychologists when we have new vacancies, if we don’t get back to you this is because we are in full complement but will keep your CV on records should we have a new position.

Please see below a job description for an Assistant Psychologist role.

Assistant Psychologist £21,000 – £23,000 »

Please email your CV and cover letter to [email protected] to express your interest in either our employed or associate positions.