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What is PTSD?

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Clinical psychologist Emma Smith explains what post traumatic stress disorder means and why some people’s experience of traumatic events is not processed in the same way as other memories. Chelsea Psychology Clinic are a group of London psychologists and psychiatrists offering private psychological therapy and psychiatry treatment from their premises across central London and Chelsea. The private therapy sessions cover the following areas: – Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – Cognitive Analytic Therapy – Cognitive-behavioural Therapy – Couples Therapy – Dialectical-behaviour Therapy – Mentalisation Based Treatment – Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy – Schema Therapy https://www.thechelseapsychologyclinic.com

Video Transcription

PTSD is a reaction to a traumatic life event. We can think of the mind a bit like a factory, and the aim of this factory is to turn the experiences into memories. And when ordinary life events are kind of coming into the factory, they’re being processed and they’re getting laid down in our memories. When we experience a trauma, this is too much for the factory to handle. It’s completely overwhelming, so it doesn’t actually go through the normal process and end up in our memory. So when we get triggered and experience the memory, it’s more like it’s happening here and now. It’s not processed in the same way that our other memories are, and that’s when people can get the symptoms of PTSD, like flashbacks and nightmares. And when people actually have those symptoms, it’s like the trauma is happening here and now.

Dr Emma Smith

Dr Emma Smith

19 June 2022

"Dr Emma Smith completed her BSc (Hons) at the University of Warwick, an MSc in Forensic Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Christ Church Canterbury University. She worked as a clinical psychologist in a specialist service in a Central London NHS Trust until moving to Sussex where she now works as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS and continues to offer sessions with The Chelsea Psychology Clinic online."

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Athena Lazaridou

Athena is a Pilates instructor with 8 years’ experience in the field. After completing a Power Pilates Mat Certification in Athens, she went on to complete the Full Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification with Equinox in Kensington.  She has been teaching Pilates at Equinox for the past 6 years in addition to her own private clients who she trains both face to face and virtually.

Athena has a passion for helping people get stronger and fitter as well as helping those recovering from injury regain their strength and mobility.  Over the years, she has worked with athletes to incorporate Pilates into their training and improve performance. Athena has also worked with prenatal and postnatal women who may be experiencing depression or other mental health difficulties and used Pilates to facilitate a positive impact on their mental health.

Athena is very passionate about improving physical and mental well-being and has recently incorporated Sound Healing into her work, as she believes it to be one of the best ways of ‘letting go’ and releasing stale energy whilst increasing greater self-awareness.