Clinical Outcomes

Collecting clinical outcomes from our clients

We always strive to improve the experience of our clients and the care that we provide. To help us achieve this, we regularly collect clinical outcome data from our clients to assess their experiences and the impact of their therapeutic journey with us.

Clinical outcomes allow us to measure changes in health, function and quality of life from our care. Constant review of our client focussed clinical outcomes helps establish a standard against which we continuously evaluate and improve our clinical care.

Improving psychological problems

We work with clients for a wide range of psychological problems. Many individuals who seek treatment with us are suffering from the effects of depression, anxiety and stress. Our outcome data show that 94% of our clients report significant improvements in depression, anxiety and stress following 3 months of therapy with us.
*Data collected using the DASS-21 questionnaire that assesses symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

Client centred problems

Every client has different needs and an important part of the therapeutic journey is working with those needs. As well as assessing the general outcomes of our clients, we also evaluate the problems that they feel most important. Using a measure that focuses on the client’s own defined problems, we see that the severity of those problems decreases during therapy.
*Data collected using the Psychlops questionnaire that assesses the severity of client identified problems from 0 to 20.

Reducing psychological distress

Psychological problems can affect many aspects of our lives from social relationships, our ability to work effectively, to our general wellbeing. Through our outcomes measures, we assess how much psychological distress impacts important aspects of our clients’ lives. We see meaningful reductions in psychological distress and its impact on our clients during their therapeutic journey.
*Data collected using the CORE-OM and CORE-10 questionnaires that assesses psychological distress.

Psychological wellbeing and quality of life

We regularly check in with our clients to evaluate the impact of our work together on their daily lives. Using a measure of wellbeing and quality-of-life, we see continued positive change in our clients that has a wide influence on their life outside of the clinic.
*Data collected using the SOS-10 questionnaire that assesses psychological wellbeing and quality of life from 0 to 60 with higher scores reflecting better quality of life.

Client-clinician working alliance

The client-clinician working relationship is an important part of therapy. We take great care in making informed decisions when pairing each new client with a clinician. We also evaluate how clients feel about their experience in therapy in terms of their bond with the clinician, the goals they are working towards, and the tasks that they work on to achieve those goals. We consistently see high ratings from our clients.
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*Data collected using the Working Alliance Inventory that assesses the client-therapist alliance.

Dr Elena Touroni

Dr Elena Touroni is a skilled and experienced consultant psychologist with a track record of delivering high-quality services for individuals with all common emotional difficulties and those with a diagnosis of personality disorder. She is experienced in service design and delivery, the management of multi-disciplinary teams, organisational consultancy, and development and delivery of both national and bespoke training to providers in the statutory and non-statutory sector.

Having obtained a first degree in Psychology (BSc) at the American College of Greece, she completed her doctoral training at the University of Surrey. Dr Touroni is highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety, substance misuse, personality disorder, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, adjustment disorder and relationship difficulties. She works with both individuals and couples and can offer therapy in English and Greek.

Dr Touroni has held a variety of clinical and managerial positions including as Head of Service in the NHS. Further she has held academic positions for the University of Surrey and the Institute of Mental Health lecturing on specialist postgraduate Masters and Doctorate programmes.

She is trained in several specialist therapeutic approaches such as schema therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based approaches and Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT). As well as holding a variety of NHS positions, Dr. Touroni is the co-founder of a private practice in Central London that has been a provider of psychological therapy for all common emotional difficulties including personality disorder since 2002. She is the founder and one of two directors of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic.