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Our team of psychiatrists, based in the prestigious locations of Chelsea and Harley Street, bring a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to facilitate your journey towards better mental and emotional health.


We’re proud of our evidence-based practices, a blend of scientifically proven methods tailored to cater to your unique needs, ensuring that you receive a treatment plan that is both transformative and deeply personalised.


At our clinic, every conversation, every session, is confidential. Your privacy and comfort are paramount to us, and we are devoted to maintaining an environment where you always feel safe and understood.

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Why see a psychiatrist?

Deciding to address mental health difficulties is a brave and important step, and for some, medication will play a key role in this journey. If you’re currently taking medication, have in the past, or are considering it as an option, scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced psychiatrists can be a valuable starting point.


Our psychiatrists are not just skilled, but also both expert in many specialist areas. They are knowledgeable about a variety of medications that can aid individuals dealing with a range of different mental health issues, from anxiety, panic attacks and depression to more complex conditions like bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),  ADHD, personality disorders, among others.


After an initial and thorough assessment, if medication is part of your tailored plan, it can be provided drectly by our team or, if it suits you better, arranged through your GP to ensure ease and comfort. Every aspect of our process is centred around your convenience and wellbeing.

What does a psychiatrist do?

Psychiatrists play a pivotal role in mental health care, blending medical knowledge with a deep understanding of the mind. 


With a background in medical science, psychiatrists understand the intricate relationship between the body and mind. They undergo additional training specifically in mental health, enabling them to diagnose, treat and support those experiencing complex mental health issues.


What makes psychiatrists stand out is their ability to prescribe medication, thanks to their medical background. This capability allows them to offer a rounded approach to treatment, which may include both medication and other therapies tailored to each individual’s needs.


At The Chelsea Psychology Clinic, our psychiatrists are not only highly qualified clinicians but also compassionate and approachable. They are dedicated to creating a space where you feel heard, understood and supported. Each treatment plan is as unique as the person receiving it, ensuring that every client experiences a treatment journey that respects their own personal story, pace and needs.

Conditions a psychiatrist can help with

Our minds, like our bodies, can experience a range of issues that affect our wellbeing and day-to-day life. Below you’ll find an overview of the various issues our psychiatrists can treat.

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Our psychiatrists

Dr Tom Pennybacker
Consultant Psychiatrist with over 20 of experience in the NHS and private practice. Expertise in treatment of both common and complex mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, personality difficulties, ASD, complex trauma, and others.
Dr Toby Greenall
Consultant psychiatrist with over 15 years experience, working across the NHS and private sector. Specialises in women’s mental health, complex trauma, personality difficulties, recurrent depression and the impact of loss.
Dr Maria Papanastassiou
Consultant psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience, working across the NHS and private sector. Expertise in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, eating disorders and ADHD.
Dr Divina Pillay
Adult psychiatrist since 2003, working across the NHS and private sector. Special interest in helping clients with eating disorders, addiction, anxiety, stress and burnout and ADHD.
Dr Agnieszka Klimowicz
Consultant psychiatrist since 2004. Expertise in women’s mental health, perinatal mental health, parental mental health problems, depression, anxiety, personality problems, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and schizoaffective disorder.
Dr Ankush Sharma
Dr Ankush Sharma is a consultant psychiatrist with over 18 years’ experience in mental health and over 5 years at the consultant level. Following his qualification as a doctor in 2002, he worked within various NHS trusts across the UK in Psychiatry

Raising the bar for excellence

We take pride in the calibre of our psychiatric team. Our meticulous selection and development process is designed to ensure that every psychiatrist not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

A rigorous selection process

Every psychiatrist on our team has been hand-picked through a rigorous recruitment process. We delve deeply into their qualifications and experience, ensuring a seamless fit with our clinic’s ethical framework. The alignment of ethos is paramount – we ensure that each professional’s philosophy aligns with our commitment to providing the highest standards of care.

Unparalleled expertise and interpersonal skills

Our psychiatrists combine top-tier clinical expertise with exceptional interpersonal skills. They are adept at establishing meaningful therapeutic relationships for individuals experiencing a wide array of presentations. Every interaction is personalised, ensuring that each client feels heard, understood, and valued.

Continuous supervision and development

Professional development is at the core of our practice. Our psychiatrists receive ongoing supervision, ensuring that their methods are not only up-to-date but are also consistently refined and enhanced. We are rigorous in our approach to clinical governance, with systems in place to constantly reevaluate and enhance our standards.

High-calibre clinical excellence

We nurture a culture of learning and innovation, ensuring our psychiatrists are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide top-tier care. Every member of our team boasts extensive clinical experience, offering a wealth of insights and strategies to cater to our clients’ unique needs.

First psychiatrist appointment - what to expect

In your initial consultation, your psychiatrist will aim to get an understanding of your past experiences, difficulties and the unique journey that has brought you here.


Following your assessment, the psychiatrist will formulate a bespoke treatment plan tailored to address your individual needs. It may involve a balanced combination of medication, administered under the care of your psychiatrist, and therapy, facilitated by your psychologist, ensuring a holistic and evidence-based approach to your treatment plan.


With your consent, the psychiatrist will also liaise with your GP to ensure that your mental health treatment is aligned with any ongoing physical health care. This ensures that every aspect of your wellbeing is supported.

Follow up psychiatrist sessions

Starting medication can be a significant first step, and we understand the importance of personalised care during this phase.


After beginning your medication, scheduling a follow-up session is essential. This allows your psychiatrist to understand how you’re feeling, and address any side effects you may be experiencing. 


Each individual is unique and will respond differently to different medications. It’s common to undergo a period of monitoring and dose adjustments, as many psychiatric medications take time to reach their full effects. During this phase, your feedback is invaluable so that we can tailor the medication to your specific needs.


If we find that a particular medication isn’t the right fit for you, we may explore alternatives. We’re committed to helping you find the medication – and treatment – that best aligns with your body and mental health goals.


You’re not alone. We’re here to support, listen and guide you, ensuring that your treatment is as effective and comfortable as possible.

Our results

We are deeply committed to ensuring the effectiveness of our interventions, always analysing and validating their impact through rigorous outcomes measurement. Every treatment administered within our clinic is evaluated to affirm its efficacy.


Following 3 months of treatment in the clinic, the majority of our clients have experienced the following:

  • Enhanced mental health – significant improvement in anxiety, depression and stress
  • Less psychological distress
  • Improved psychological wellbeing and quality of life
  • Reduction in the severity of their own self-defined problems
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Frequently asked questions

Psychiatrists and psychologists have distinct roles. Both are essential, yet they cater to different aspects of mental health care.


The main factor that distinguishes the two is the approach to treatment. If there’s a possibility that you may benefit from medication, having an initial consultation with a psychiatrist is advisable. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialise in mental health which means they can prescribe and manage medications tailored to your needs.


In many instances, a holistic approach that combines medication with talking therapy is the most effective. For this reason, you may see both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Psychologists specialise in exploring the emotional, psychological and behavioural aspects of mental health. Through talking therapy, they can help you unravel any underlying issues that might be holding you back and equip you with healthier coping strategies.

Simply put, choosing between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is less about either/or but more about an integrated approach to mental wellness. We focus on offering a tailored journey that brings together the expertise of both professionals to ensure that your path to better mental wellbeing is both holistic and highly personalised.

A clear indicator of successful psychiatric treatment is reduced or absent symptoms, and enhanced wellbeing, and in some cases, reaching a point where medication may no longer be necessary.


Ultimately, each journey to mental wellness is deeply personal. Our dedicated team of psychiatrists are committed to walking this path with you, adapting and responding to your evolving needs to ensure that your treatment is as effective as possible.

If you have received a diagnosis that doesn’t feel right to you, it is always possible to get a second opinion. Our psychiatrists are not only well-versed in diagnosing but also in formulating personalised medication plans, and they are able to carry out a comprehensive review of your current diagnosis and treatment plan. Our team will offer insights, clarity and modifications if needed.

Yes, absolutely. We recognise that integrating diverse perspectives and expertise can be instrumental in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of treatment. Our psychiatrists are well-equipped to work alongside clinicians from outside the clinic to provide a comprehensive and unified approach to your treatment.

Absolutely. Initiating this process will begin with a comprehensive psychiatrist consultation. In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your history, current medication, and the reasons behind your desire for change. We believe in a collaborative approach; your insights, experiences and preferences are central to crafting a plan that is both effective and tailored to you. 


Your psychiatrists will explore the different options available and consider the potential impacts of any adjustments to your medication. We are committed to ensuring that any modification to your treatment prioritises your safety, comfort and overall wellbeing.

Athena Lazaridou

Athena is a Pilates instructor with 8 years’ experience in the field. After completing a Power Pilates Mat Certification in Athens, she went on to complete the Full Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification with Equinox in Kensington.  She has been teaching Pilates at Equinox for the past 6 years in addition to her own private clients who she trains both face to face and virtually.

Athena has a passion for helping people get stronger and fitter as well as helping those recovering from injury regain their strength and mobility.  Over the years, she has worked with athletes to incorporate Pilates into their training and improve performance. Athena has also worked with prenatal and postnatal women who may be experiencing depression or other mental health difficulties and used Pilates to facilitate a positive impact on their mental health.

Athena is very passionate about improving physical and mental well-being and has recently incorporated Sound Healing into her work, as she believes it to be one of the best ways of ‘letting go’ and releasing stale energy whilst increasing greater self-awareness.