Binge Eating Disorder

What is binge eating disorder?

Binge eating disorder is when an individual feels compelled to overeat on a regular basis. It is usually accompanied by a feeling of being out of control during these episodes.

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Binge eating disorder symptoms

Binge eating disorder usually includes at least three of the following:


  • Eating extremely fast
  • Eating beyond feeling full
  • Eating a lot when not hungry
  • Eating in secret to hide the amount that is being eaten
  • Feeling terrible after a binge


In order to meet the diagnosis for the disorder, a person needs to binge eat at least once a week for three months.

Unlike other eating disorders like bulimia, binge eating doesn’t involve engaging in compensatory behaviours such as purging or the use of laxatives or over-exercising.

Frequently asked questions

If binge eating is beginning to interfere in your daily life (e.g. you’re spending a lot of money on food and many hours a day bingeing) or you’re beginning to rely on it as a strategy for managing difficult emotions, it’s important that you seek support.
Yes, it’s possible for people to oscillate between different types of eating difficulties. For example, sometimes they may engage in binge eating and at others, restrict their eating. When a person is struggling with disordered eating, the nature of the difficulty can manifest in different ways as well as change over time.

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Athena Lazaridou

Athena is a Pilates instructor with 8 years’ experience in the field. After completing a Power Pilates Mat Certification in Athens, she went on to complete the Full Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification with Equinox in Kensington.  She has been teaching Pilates at Equinox for the past 6 years in addition to her own private clients who she trains both face to face and virtually.

Athena has a passion for helping people get stronger and fitter as well as helping those recovering from injury regain their strength and mobility.  Over the years, she has worked with athletes to incorporate Pilates into their training and improve performance. Athena has also worked with prenatal and postnatal women who may be experiencing depression or other mental health difficulties and used Pilates to facilitate a positive impact on their mental health.

Athena is very passionate about improving physical and mental well-being and has recently incorporated Sound Healing into her work, as she believes it to be one of the best ways of ‘letting go’ and releasing stale energy whilst increasing greater self-awareness.