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Welcome to The Chelsea Pyschology Clinic

Welcome to
The Chelsea Psychology Clinic

We are a group of professional and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists offering private therapy and psychiatry in London. Our clinics are based in Chelsea and world-renowned Harley Street – the heart of London’s historic medical district.


Our approach is tailor-made. From the moment you reach out to us, we’re focused on finding you the right support for your circumstances and needs. We offer the best cutting-edge therapies that are rooted in evidence to empower you to enact meaningful, lasting changes in your life.


Sessions can be delivered both in-person at one of our clinics or online.

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Leading therapy specialists

All of our psychologists and psychiatrists are hand-selected and have long-standing careers in the NHS and academia alongside their private work.
Group 9

Carefully tailored therapy

From everyday worries to more complex psychological difficulties, our team is here to help you find the right therapist and treatment approach for you. We take great care matching you to a psychologist who we believe is best aligned to your needs.

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Best treatment outcomes

We only offer therapies that are proven to be effective so you get to experience relief from your symptoms in the fastest possible time.


Whatever support you’re looking for, we can help. Our psychologists and psychiatrists are trained to treat a wide range of issues from low mood, stress and anxiety to more complex mental health difficulties. We can provide sessions on an individual basis, for couples, groups and families, alongside offering a range of specialist assessments.

Children & Adolescents

Just like adults, children and young people face challenges from time to time. If you’re concerned about your daughter or son, our team is here to help. The sooner they receive the right support, the better their chances of making a speedy recovery. Our child psychologists and psychiatrists are able to provide a wide range of specialist services for children and young people including individual therapy, family therapy, psychiatry, educational psychology and specialist assessments, depending on your child’s needs and age.
Therapies & Treatments
Therapy comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. Certain approaches to therapy are better suited to certain issues. Likewise, some people naturally resonate with some approaches more than others. All of our psychologists are trained in multiple therapies which means that they can adapt their approach according to your needs.
Clinical Outcomes
We always strive to improve the experience of our clients and the care that we provide. To help us achieve this, we regularly collect clinical outcome data from our clients to assess their experiences and the impact of their therapeutic journey with us. Clinical outcomes allow us to measure changes in health, function and quality of life from our care. Constant review of our client focussed clinical outcomes helps establish a standard against which we continuously evaluate and improve our clinical care.

Improving Psychological Problems

We work with clients for a wide range of psychological problems. Many individuals who seek treatment with us are suffering from the effects of depression, anxiety and stress. Our outcome data show that 94% of our clients report significant improvements in depression, anxiety and stress following 3 months of therapy with us.


If you’re currently on medication, have been on medication in the past or we believe you could benefit from it, we may recommend that you have a consultation with one of the psychiatrists at the clinic. There are a range of medications that can be prescribed to help relieve your symptoms and support your recovery.

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Therapy can be delivered either in-person or online, depending on what works best for you. You may start having your sessions online but decide that you’d like to have the occasional session in-person – or visa versa. Either way, we will always work to accommodate to your needs and wishes.

Corporate Services

When employees are happier, they’re more productive. We help international organisations perform to their best by empowering their leaders and frontline staff with the tools for greater resilience, productivity and mental and emotional wellbeing.
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Our Team

Dr Elena Touroni
Dr Anna Saunders
Dr Tom Pennybacker
Dr Zoe Knight
Dr Alika Goodwin
Amy O’Gorman
Dr Panos Platanitis
Dr Claire McDonald
Christi Corpus
Dr Tom Pennybacker
Dr Toby Greenall
Dr Maria Papanastassiou
Dr Divina Pillay
Dr Yoav Jacob
Dr Agnieszka Klimowicz
Dr Ankush Sharma
Dr Obioha Ukaegbu
Dr Hossein Rostamipour
Dr Patrick Nwagbogu
Dr Michael Grant
Dr Philippa Buckley
Dr Elena Touroni
Dr Anna Saunders
Dr Zoe Knight
Dr Alika Goodwin
Amy O’Gorman
Dr Panos Platanitis
Dr Claire McDonald
Dr Catherine Atnas
Dr Emma Smith
Dr Sarah Sproson
Dr Aishwarya Sambath
Dr Alexandra Nicholson
Dr Raechel Horowitz
Sophie Arneil
Joanne Williams
Dr Polina Lukanova
Dr Alex Thomas
Dr Basma Abdalla
Dr Hannah Warwick
Dr Louise Hood
Dr Tiffany Rameswari
Dr Maria-Serena Filardi
Anastasia Sgoumpopoulou  
Dr Eleanor Noone
Dr Lucy Knowles
Dr Rebecca Lockwood
Jacqui Finnigan
Dr Reena Amin
Aleksandra Petrovic
Dr Graham Pickup
Dr Marta Sosnowska-Conradi
Dr Emily Patel
Dr Meherangiz Press
Dr Claire McGoldrick