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4 Top Excuses for Not Seeing a Psychologist

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Mental health issues are very common, with one recent survey finding that one in four people have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Unfortunately, many people’s issues remain untreated, resulting in unnecessary suffering. Mental health is often misunderstood, even treated with suspicion, and people who could benefit from professional support instead turn to stock reasons for not speaking to a psychologist. Read on to find out about these common excuses, and how they’ve been debunked.

1.Not comfortable with mental health

Sadly, there is often a stigma attached to seeking help for mental health issues. Fortunately, attitudes are changing and many celebrities and medical professionals have been doing great work to raise awareness.

While we are often uncomfortable with certain kinds of health care, such as prostate exams and mammograms, most of us recognise that we must overcome this discomfort in order to remain healthy. Mental health is equally as important and, like delaying treatment for a bad tooth or an injury, putting off effective treatment for conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression, is only likely to make the problem worse. That’s why it is critical to put aside any discomfort and get the help you need.

2. It’s only for people with serious issues

Psychologists treat a broad range of issues and people. Depression and anxiety are the most commonly diagnosed conditions. These may appear following a major life event like a pregnancy or the death of a loved one, or could develop over a number of years. Stress and low self-esteem are also extremely common, and even a relatively minor mental health issue can interfere with your quality of life.

At The Chelsea Psychology Clinic, we recognise that all such difficulties should be taken seriously. We carefully tailor proven treatments, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, to ensure positive outcomes for your health and wellbeing.

3. People might find out

While you should feel proud that you are taking steps to keep your mental health in good condition, your privacy is important. Psychologists are required to protect the privacy of their clients and, naturally, The Chelsea Psychology Clinic takes this very seriously. As a private clinic, we are able to provide a comfortable, confidential setting for any individual that visits us.

4. I can fix it on my own

All members of our team are highly experienced psychologists and psychiatrists with years of training and working in the NHS. As mental health experts that are passionate about professional care, we are dedicated to properly understanding your difficulties, and providing therapies that are proven to be effective in treating them.

It is easy for many sufferers to imagine that determination or discipline will be enough to deal with their mental health issues, but you wouldn’t think a broken bone or diabetes could be overcome by willpower, alone. Mental health is no different. Our therapists understand this, and will work together with you to develop a programme that will address your emotional difficulties.

If you would like more information about how our expert therapists can help you, make an enquiry or book an appointment today.