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The growing popularity of mindfulness

Mindfulness has its roots firmly placed in Buddhist meditation and is loosely defined on the practice of ‘learning to live consciously in the present.’

Get Talking – Mental Health Awareness week 2016

Talking therapy is for anyone having emotional problems or a tough time dealing with something in their life.

Mindful Dating: How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Dating Life

We all have a basic need to feel connected and for some of us that is with a single partner, for others that is with more than one partner.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Exercise is one of the best practices of rebalancing the mind. When you get into the zone you are plugging your body into a state of positive energy.

How to Start a Self-Care Routine You Can Stick To

To feel good we have to do things that give us the chance to feel good whether it is through pleasure or mastery.