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Mental Health While at University

When preparing for college, many teens and young adults are consumed with important questions around the major transition ahead, such as concerns over what course of study to select, how their social landscape will change,...

Psychological benefits of giving to others and thinking of others

Do you ever get that warm feeling when you’ve done a good deed? Or when you’ve given someone a gift they really value and cherish? Research indicates that giving to others is psychologically beneficial to...

The psychology of comfort eating

Eating our hearts out  Eating is arguably at the very centre of our being.  It plays a complicated role in our daily lives and wellbeing, as well as a key part in how many of...

Being Mindful: Q & A with Rachael Kable

Q. I would love to know more about you and how you first came across mindfulness practice. A. I’m Rachael, a mindfulness mentor, blogger and host of The Mindful Kind podcast. After experiencing stress from...

Everything you wanted to know about Anxiety but were too afraid to ask

Anxiety – a little bit can motivate our behaviour in a positive direction, a lot can leave us rooted to the spot unable to move – but what is it, what is happening and can...

Get Talking – Mental Health Awareness week 2016

Talking therapy is for anyone having emotional problems or a tough time dealing with something in their life.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Exercise is one of the best practices of rebalancing the mind. When you get into the zone you are plugging your body into a state of positive energy.